Sweater Weather



Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: American Eagle | Sweater: Target | Purse: Coach Shoes: Target

Sweater weather is getting closer here in Tennessee, and this sweater is a new favorite! I know I am going to be wearing it all fall and winter! It is so soft and cozy! The olive shirt I’m wearing is another favorite. It is comfortable and perfect for a casual date night. Let me know if y’all have had fall weather yet where you live!

❤ Alicia


Shirt Dress



Dress: Ross Dress for Less | Shoes: Target | Lipstick: M.A.C. Ruby Woo

This shirt dress is so soft and a great piece for fall! It’s especially great for a Tennessee fall. It has been so hot during the day, and then cool at night, so it’s perfect for all day. I’m also really loving these shoes from Target. What is your favorite transition piece?

❤ Alicia

Ways to Wear a White Tee




White T-shirt: Old Navy | Blue Jeans: America Eagle | Taupe Wedges: Target | Black Slacks: Forever 21 | Purse: Coach | Black Wedges: TJ Maxx | Faux Fur Vest: Target | Black Jeans: Old Navy | Purse: Betsey Johnson | Black Booties: Steve Madden

Everybody should have at least one white t-shirt in their wardrobe. You can do so many looks with one, so this week I thought I would show a few of my favorites.  I wanted to do a look for daytime, work, and a night out. You could even wear the same pants for all three looks and just change jackets and accessories.

Let me know in the comments if you have a go-to outfit that involves a white t-shirt!

❤ Alicia

Football Time in Tennessee 

Shirt: Victoria’s Secret | Shorts: American Eagle | Shoes: Adidas- TJ Maxx | Sunglasses: Quay Australia x Desi Perkins- High Key

I don’t always watch football but when I do it’s The Tennessee Vols. Since Fashion Monday fell on the opening day of Tennessee football, I figured I would show my support. I’m not really a big fan of watching them on tv, but I love going to games. I love the atmosphere and it is definitely more exciting than on tv in my opinion. Who is your favorite team to cheer for on Saturdays?

❤ Alicia

August Favorites


Most of my favorites this month are Tarte products, but that is mainly what I use. You are going to hear this a lot, but I am obsessed with this product! There are so many uses for it too! 11 to be exact. I use it every night and one of the things I have noticed the most is that it lightens dark spots. Lately when I have a blemish it leaves a dark spot, and using this maracuja oil makes them go away! 



I have been wearing this almost everyday. I use it as a primer, and it makes my skin and foundation look so glowy and dewy, which y’all should know by now I am all about! It is so good for your skin too! It has jojoba oil, maracuja oil, coconut oil, squalane, and vitamin E in it and doesn’t clog pores.


Every day that I wear makeup I use this to contour with. That terracotta shade is such a pretty contour shade. You can do so many things with this palette. You can of course use it to contour, use it for eyeshadow, and to fill in your brows. It’s an all in one palette!


I put this in my tarte favorites post, but I wanted to put it again because I have been wearing it sooo much lately. I always wear this when I am in a hurry, which honestly is quite a bit. It is technically an eyeliner, but I only wear it as shadow and it is beautiful. I am obsessed with rose gold anything.


I think I saved the best for last! This palette is sooooooo pretty, and I am obsessed with it! It is so pigmented and there are tons of looks you can do with it. Plus I’m also obsessed with Jaclyn Hill. 

I didn’t have very many New favorites this month because I have pretty much been using the same products as last months favorites. I haven’t bought any new makeup lately and it has been killing me, haha. I did get a few new products recently and hoping to get a few more soon, so maybe I will have some new favorites next month. If I don’t have any new makeup favorites I may do clothing or accessory favorites. Comment below some of your favorites from the month of August!

❤ Alicia

Cute and Comfortable

DSC01446DSC01449DSC01466 (1)



Dress: Maurice’s | Kimono: Fiore Boutique | Shoes: TOMS

This is one of the outfits I wore in Italy. Our shoulders had to be covered when we went in churches and it was hot outside, so I had bought this kimono before we went and it was perfect. It covered and it was lightweight. This is a t-shirt dress and I love it! It is so comfortable and lightweight as well. I have it in this navy blue and olive green. I wore them both all summer. This is actually the same dress I ended up getting my bridesmaids to wear in our wedding. I knew they would all love it and be able to wear it again. I will probably be wearing this a lot for fall too. I think it’s the perfect transition piece.  I can wear it with boots and a cardigan when it starts getting cooler. I may do an outfit post like that with my olive dress for next month, so keep an eye out!

❤ Alicia

Favorite Youtubers

For those of you that don’t know I have a youtube channel, where I post mainly makeup tutorials. I have a few first impressions as well. Eventually I want to start blogging maybe twice a month to begin with. I have one vlog already, so that’s a start. You can watch it here.  Since I have a channel, I thought it would be fun to tell y’all my top 5 favorite youtubers for this Friday Favorites.

Since I am a makeup artist, that is pretty much all I watch on youtube, so I’m sure y’all can guess my first favorite youtuber………..Queen Jaclyn Hill. She is actually the first youtuber I ever started watching. I was watching her back in the day when she was filming in her kitchen in one of her apartments, so I have been watching her for years and years. I love to see how much she has grown as a person and youtuber. She has worked so hard to get where she is and I hope that I can be even half the youtuber she is one day.

The next youtuber is sort of two in one, Alexandrea Garza and her husband Michael. She has a main channel where she posts all kinds of videos, from makeup to fashion to packing tips, pretty much anything. Then, her and her husband Michael have a vlog channel together, which I also love! I have actually been watching her the most lately, because I feel like I am more like her. Our makeup and clothing style is very similar.  I actually got the same ring as her too, haha. I saw pictures of it and she was showing it in a video and I fell in love with it. Her channel is actually what I look up to and want my channel to be like. I have been watching her for I think almost three years now. I have also loved seeing her channels grow. The editing and content keeps getting better and better.

Mallory Ervin is the next youtuber I am going to be talking about. I actually found out about her through Alex Garza’s channel. They are all best friends, Alex and Michael and Mallory and her husband Kyle. Mallory was Miss Kentucky in I think 2009, and she has been on the Amazing Race three times if I’m not mistaking. Now she is a blogger and youtuber and lives in Nashville. I have been watching her channel since she started it. She is such a positive and bubbly person, and that is what made me like her from the beginning. She does all kinds of videos as well, makeup, cooking, exercise, pretty much everything. She is actually about to start a new series on finding happiness. She hasn’t always been so happy and bubbly, so she is going to talk all about her journey. I can’t wait to watch!

Next youtuber is Nicole Guerriero. She is another one I have been watching for a while. I am wanting to say she was the second youtuber I started watching, so I have been watching her for years as well. She recently started vlogging more and I don’t know why but I love vlogs. I think my favorite videos of hers though are her halloweens looks. She always does some pretty out there halloween tutorials, and halloween makeup is some of my favorite to do! She has also stepped up her editing game, and making videos myself, I know how much work goes into editing videos.

To wrap up the list is Desi Perkins. I probably watch her more on snapchat than youtube, but when I do watch her tutorials I love them. She is just so hilarious and she seems like such a fun and kind person to be around. I also love seeing her and her husband together, because they seem so perfect and sweet. I have a pair of her sunglasses that she collaborated with Quay Australia, high keys, and definitely ordering the rose gold pair when they launch! I also ordered a liquid lipstick from her and her best friend Katy’s collab with Dose of Colors. I love Dose of Colors, so I can’t wait to get it and try it out!

So there you have it, my top five favorite youtubers. They really weren’t in any certain order except the first two, haha. I also follow them on all their social media as well, snapchat, instagram, twitter. If I were you I would definitely follow Desi and Jaclyn on snapchat if you don’t already, they are hilarious! I am not as interesting as all these beautiful ladies and gentleman, but I would love if y’all would subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on my other social media :). You can find them on the side bar.

❤ Alicia




Nicole guerriero

Desi Perkins

Mallory Ervin